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ESEA 2009 Award winner in Cargo Clearing & General Land Transport

  • 1395/05/20

The ESEA 2009 awarded 5 of the best adopters of Rossom E-Payment Gateway, the winner of ESEA 2009 was Danzas AEI Emirates , the Platinum Performer was Unique Sea Cargo Services , Golden Performer was Globelink West Star Shipping LLC, Silver Performer was Areesh Cargo Clearing & General Land Transport ,and finally the Bronze Performer of 2009 was Silk Road Shipping.

2nd Award Theme

In competition & proudly ,this year Dubai Trade acknowledges one award winner and four best performers who have made significant contributions to the use and development of Dubai Trade e-payment Gateway “Rosoom” our online service.

About ESEA

The E-Services Excellence Award is an annual award ceremony organized by Dubai Trade in order to reward and recognize the best performers in e-Services and Mobile Services adoption. The ESEA features a new theme every year which targets a particular set of electronic and smart services with the main aim of encouraging the conversion to automation and use of technology by awarding the highest performers.

The ESEA was created in a tribute to acknowledge the outstanding performers of Dubai Trade’s online services. The 1st edition was launched in 2008 when the highest adopter of the unique e-Token was awarded. This led to a larger more comprehensive ESEA in 2009 with 5 awards given to the top adopters of Rosoom, Dubai Trade’s innovative e-Payment gateway.